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Open Monday-Thursday @ random times  We are closed Weekends & Fridays now due to too many doc appts.

We offer online dispensary shipping anywhere.

We are your trusted online dispensary shipping top shelf indoor, AAA grade quality recreational and medical marijuana discreetly packaged to your door.

  • No Medical Id Required
  • Trusted & Reliable
  • Anonymous Payments
  • Top-Shelf Sticky Indoor Ganga
  • Various concentrates’ THC levels tested 70-90%

online dispensary free shipping

Everyone has a life story, and this one is about a guy who many have come across but few really knew. A typical guy in America, loved his county, fought for it and paid the price. “No one” he always said “really comes back the same.” Always upbeat, and known as ‘The Dog’, than ‘The Preacher’ at the end. He loved deeply & was a genusis. His life was filled with adventures, heartaches, happiness, very deep struggles, love, challenges & loyal friends. Man we honor you & miss you.

Why is everyone ordering marijuana online today?

Order Online – we ship to you

Shipping is a simple, safe, and discreet way to get your product without having to drive out to your local dispensary, or meeting up with your local street seller trying to sell you weed from the 70s.

Benefits from ordering online from Dank Nation Dispensary:

  • Each product is carefully handcrafted and made to order.
  • We are not a mass-produced company so nothing but the highest quality nutrients goes into our flower.
  • Our growers carefully choose each strain they grow based off of strain specific quality, THC percentage, medical benefits, flavor, and popularity. We do NOT grow strains based off weight production, we grow only for your medical needs, and enjoyment!
  • Patients that require high THC levels in RSO/Phoenix Tears to treat their medical needs order online without having to deal with low THC State restrictions.
  • We do not jack our prices up because of our elite quality.
  • Free Shipping

Our Ethics

Our Future and Return clients is our number one priority. We are a tight, longtime group of growers that all started out growing for our own medical needs.

Every product offered on our menu has been personally researched, tested, and is in consistent use by Ambassador Dankman himself and the rest of us. We are all truly passionate about helping ourselves and our patients heal through organic, nonprocessed, nonchemical, natural and historically effective medicines.

Fast Discreet Shipping

  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Your shipment will arrive in discreet USPS packaging, with generic business name on return label
  • All products come 3 times sealed, 2 times vacuumed sealed. 100% smell proof
  • We ship your orders out Mon-Fri
  • Shipping takes 3-5 business days, including Saturday
  • You don’t have to sign for anything
  • We send the tracking number so you can follow it on line
  • We ship anywhere in the USA


Reviews, Personal Testimonies

Thank You! Your last order was fantastic, the buds were packed perfectly, and the quality OMG!. I’m very impressed with your online dispensary service. 5/5…10/10, however you grade it!! Thank you kindly!

T. from WI, 2018


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you folks do. You’re on the front lines fighting for us, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you all.

M. from MN, 2018


Got order on Saturday! Like how you guys went the extra mile and got the delivery in two days. Thanks!! Awesome customer service keep up the good work guys!!! (this after we messed up his order and resent correct one)

A. from NC, 2018


Recieved my order today! Absollutely Awesome and thanks so much my wife had
seizures this week and the purple kush is” Excellen”t for post seizure
conditions God bless you my friends.

J. from MO, 2018


Hi, I just wanted to let you know I got the package and that is some really Dank weed! Love it and thanks for the Sample of the Purple Champagne to try. I really appreciate that and the Weed was packaged very nicely. I never seen anything like that. Great quality too. Not everyone has good quality weed. I’m glad I came across your online dispensary . I will be ordering online from you in the near future

B. from FL, 2018


You guys truly do not realize how appreciated you are. I unfortunately live in a state (North Carolina) where medicinal/recreational is illegal…but hopefully not for long. Efforts are being made now to legalize it here soon I hope. But for right now, you guys are all I’ve got! If it weren’t for what you guys do for me my days would be filled with intense pain and vomiting 5-6 times a day. You’ve given me some life back and I am so grateful.

B. from NC, 2018


I am VERY pleased with these 2 strains. I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra little gift to the order. It was a nice touch, thanks very much for that.

~Fast service (by far the fastest)

~Kind service ~Highest potency I’ve ever experienced

~Strongest, sweetest flavor

~Longest lasting effects My expectations were far exceeded, however, I also feel that I grossly underestimated the overall potency of the strains. I have been used to vaping only CBD dominant ratio pens, but wow this hit me out of nowhere! I recently underwent surgery for a labrum tear + fractures to my right shoulder, and the Rx medications they gave me simply can’t touch the remedy that I get from your product. It really helps me to relax and to sleep deeply. I will not be shopping online anywhere else from now on.. Thanks again ??

J. from VA, 2018


Got My order Safe n sound, you Guys Fkn RawK! ?

Not to go all fanboy but I Never had a Simpson pill b4 and the V2 you sent me was…ok we were shopping all day and my feet were killing me so bad! So I took the pill on the way home and BLAMM 40 mins later I’m cleaning the glovebox out, sorting trash in the back seat, organizing car care receipts, all the while jammin air solos to SlipKnot! Your Flower is Top Notch! And If I want Chem Dawg shatter I’m going to have to camp out at your website, cuz it sold out faster then a Rage Against the Machine Concert back in the day!
I’m sold! Customer for Life!
Thank you,
P.S. Repost if you want man. Consider this my 5 star review!

R. from TX, 2018


A million thanks to you!! I was so convinced I had fell for a scam. You have a life long customer now.

Wow!! ♡♡♡♡ much love!!

C. from NH, 2017

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