Buying Legit Weed From Online Dispensaries Out of State

Is Buying Cannabis Out of State Better than In-State?

Yes, but this depends greatly on the source, and if you live outside of Washington State. Washington has been widely known to produce a majority of the highest quality cannabis available, and at one of the most competitive prices on the market!


Why is Washington Cannabis Better than Other States?

Washington State has supported the use of medical marijuana for its residents over 20 years, and recreationally for over 5 years.

With this progressive movement Washington State drastically reaped the benefits from having all the top resources, seasoned growers with competitive markets, and natural organic nutrients only available in WA.


Is My Package more likely to get Confiscated Ordering Out of State?

Because of the care we puts into our packaging it makes zero difference when ordering pot online from Dank The Man.

When mail gets confiscated it’s often due to poor packaging allowing the smell to escape. At that point you can safely expect the local delivery boy to lift the package.

To prevent all negative outcomes and protect the valuable content inside we more than triple bag (2 times vacuumed seal) all our products before packaging them in traditional USPS boxes, making your order 100% smell proof and visually discreet every time.

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