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Can I Pay for the order by anything else than Bitcoin?

No, we now only accept Bitcoin.

Why does your website state use PayPal or Credit Cards?

You use those means to purchase Bitcoins, converting traditional payment methods into progressive cryptocurrency.

Do you have a physical location?

No, what we offer is an online dispensary that discreetly ships to you for your connivance and both of our privacy.

How do I know this is legit?

Screwing you over doesn’t help us stay in business!

Why do you no longer have a contact page for inquiries?

In the past our contact page became flooded with spam and fake email inquiries. We are too small of a team to provide our shipping service, and have time to figure out who’s emailing us playing games and who isn’t.

Our focus now is only prioritizing our legitimate and paying customers.

Is my privacy protected?

Absolutely. This is why we only offer payment methods that are 100% discreet and untraceable. No information is ever stored or saved when making purchases.

What if I don’t get my package?

Mistakes happen. If the package doesn’t get there due to error on our end, we will ship you another one. If the tracking number states that the package arrived, you are responsible.

If your friend, family, or neighbor takes it, Dank The Man has no control over that.

Do you accept returns?


Ordering from Dank The Man

If we run out of your strain we send you an equivalent to what was ordered.

Website Hours

Varies: Monday – Thursday, CLOSED Fridays, Saturday & Sunday


Dank The Man does not encourage or promote using any of the products for illegal use or consumption. Therefore we cannot assume any legal responsibilities for the possession or use of the products from customers. We understand that the products offered have been traditionally used as medicine for thousands of years.  However the products should be considered vegetal and horticultural specimens only, and NOT for human consumption.


Future and Return clients is our number one priority. We are a tight, longtime group of growers that all started out growing for our own medical needs.

Every product offered on the menu has been personally researched, tested, and is in consistent use by Ambassador Dankman himself and the rest of us.  We are all truly passionate about helping ourselves and our patients heal through organic, nonprocessed, nonchemical, natural and historically effective medicines.

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