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This review is specifically directed at the potential first time buyers that may be reading this. Look no further! You have finally found the right place and the right people. Dank Nation will treat you right. I know you are skeptical. I sure was! I was so afraid i’d get ripped off. I was less worried about legal issues b/c I feel like(thankfully)the law is not really focused on cannabis so much anymore. After receiving my first order I was even less worried about getting caught b/c of Dank’s vacuum sealed shipping. My order has never taken longer than 5 days(including weekends), I normally receive my tracking number the same day I order, they ship it right out to you(this may not apply when ordering on the weekend).  Quality of product has been spot on every time. There was a small problem w/ cartridges but they’ve ironed out the wrinkles and since then, I have been nothing but pleased w/ all aspects of the concentrates(flower also is top notch)I have purchased. So, final thoughts, shop for what you want, order, then just rest easy. The peeps at Dank Nation got you!

Thank guys, very pleased with another order!

N. from WV, 2019


DTM always delivers! Bud is always primo, and the orders always weigh. Whether you use cannabis for pain or recreation – choose these guys. I use them for both, and I’m never disappointed. As long as DTM is in business, I’m ordering at least once per month. No issues, always a seamless process regardless of where you live. Thanks for helping patients access much-needed medicine.
M. from AL, 2019
Dank Nation does it right. The product itself is fantastic and the process from order submission to order receipt is smooth and completely private. Providing tracking for your package is a great touch. I’ll definitely be back for more!
D. from OH, 2019


Hey guys, I was going to give you a review but I couldn’t figure out how on
your website. I just wanted to say I swear y’all have no idea how much I
appreciate you. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I get my package!
Each time I try a few new things and I’m only disappointed when my
cartridges run out or my flower runs out lol. You have changed this old
girl’s life! Happy Easter and you’ll hear from me again before Happy 420 ☺️

S. from TN, 2019


Loved it all, came fast too!

C. from FL, 2019


Thank You! Your last order was fantastic, the buds were packed perfectly, and the quality OMG!. I’m very impressed with your service. 5/5…10/10, however you grade it!! Thank you kindly!

T. from WI, 2018


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you folks do. You’re on the front lines fighting for us, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you all.

M. from MN, 2018


Got order on Saturday! Like how you guys went the extra mile and got it here in two days. Thanks!!  Awesome customer service keep up the good work guys!!!  (this after we messed up his order and resent correct one)

A. from NC, 2018


Recieved my order today! Absollutely Awesome and thanks so much my wife had
seizures this week and the purple kush is” Excellen”t for post seizure
conditions God bless you my friends.

J. from MO, 2018


Hi, I just wanted to let you know I got the package and that is some really Dank weed!  Love it and thanks for the Sample of the Purple Champagne to try.  I really appreciate that and the Weed was packaged very nicely.  I never seen anything like that.  Great quality too.  Not everyone has good quality weed.  I’m glad I came across your site.  I will be ordering from you in the near future

B. from FL, 2018


You guys truly do not realize how appreciated you are. I unfortunately live in a state (North Carolina) where medicinal/recreational is illegal…but hopefully not for long. Efforts are being made now to legalize it here soon I hope. But for right now, you guys are all I’ve got! If it weren’t for what you guys do for me my days would be filled with intense pain and vomiting 5-6 times a day. You’ve given me some life back and I am so grateful.

B. from NC, 2018


I am VERY pleased with these 2 strains. I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra little gift to the order. It was a nice touch, thanks very much for that.

~Fast service (by far the fastest)

~Kind service ~Highest potency I’ve ever experienced

~Strongest, sweetest flavor

~Longest lasting effects My expectations were far exceeded, however, I also feel that I grossly underestimated the overall potency of the strains. I have been used to vaping only CBD dominant ratio pens, but wow this hit me out of nowhere! I recently underwent surgery for a labrum tear + fractures to my right shoulder, and the Rx medications they gave me simply can’t touch the remedy that I get from your product. It really helps me to relax and to sleep deeply. I will not be shopping anywhere else from now on.. Thanks again ??

J. from VA, 2018


Got My order Safe n sound, you Guys Fkn RawK! ?

Not to go all fanboy but I Never had a Simpson pill b4 and the V2 you sent me was…ok we were shopping all day and my feet were killing me so bad! So I took the pill on the way home and BLAMM 40 mins later I’m cleaning the glovebox out, sorting trash in the back seat, organizing car care receipts, all the while jammin air solos to SlipKnot! Your Flower is Top Notch! And If I want Chem Dawg shatter I’m going to have to camp out at your website, cuz it sold out faster then a Rage Against the Machine Concert back in the day!
I’m sold! Customer for Life!
Thank you,
P.S. Repost if you want man. Consider this my 5 star review!

R. from TX, 2018


A million thanks to you!! I was so convinced I had fell for a scam. You have a life long customer now.

Wow!! ♡♡♡♡ much love!!

C. from NH, 2017


Thanks for the extra help with my order, caramel rocks!

E. from AL, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving Dank Nation Dispensary! God bless you for all the blessings you bring to all of us who need you, and your tenacious dedication!

N. from SC, 2017


Not going to lie.. At first your services seemed like a quick way for me to get arrested. What convinced me to gamble with what could be my freedom was the answer you gave to another hesitant customers question similar to my reasoning for dismissing your company as scam. quote ” Screwing you over doesn’t help us stay in business!” With that statement and your prices, I knew that common sense was an unspoken value and principle within your organization.
I’m so glad that I followed through and made that much needed medical order at that time.
You have Customer for life. Keep staying real and for the rest of you hesitant patients in my situation.. Trust the Ambassador and his crew. They’re LEGIT!!

T. from TN, 2017


Going to be 3rd time buying from you guys . Ya’ll have some good stuff am happy I found your site and will be a proud customer as long as your site’s here. Keep up the good work!

K. from NY, 2017


It’s so good to do business with honest people that stand behind their products. I highly recommend you every time I get a chance. I’ve turned four of my friends on to you and they have already got their orders and very happy!! You can use this letter any way you wish. Thanks guys and happy to do business with you guys.

B. from MS, 2017


This review is long over do.. but it’s time to give thanks to where credit is due! I could not be more pleased with all of my orders from Ambassador Dankman. He was able to answer all my silly questions and tackle all of my concerns, and he helped me decide on what strains were best for me and my needs.  Ordering was easy, delivery was FAST, and the quality and value were unbeatable! I highly recommend the Amnesia and Girl Scout Cookie strains.. not to mention any of the edible treats the team has to offer. I order about every 3 months and could not be happier. Thank you guys!

D. from CA, 2017


For the longest time I searched and searched for a way to get my hands on the good stuff legal states have. After getting ripped off twice I am so glad I gave one more chance to Dank Nation. The best prices for the best products and ALWAYS get my order. The real deal legit dispensary is right here.

B. from MS, 2017


This was my first online order ever!  You guys sealed the heck out of it and made a discreet, flawless transaction.  I am very happy!  Quick shipping too. Thank you so much!

P. from TN, 2017


You guys are amazing! I got that package so quick! And the additional sample that you included is beyond customer care. You guys are truly caretakers.

D. from OK, 2017


I was a little hesitant being my first order but you guys came through in a big way! I’m thoroughly impressed with the product and customer service. I look forward to doing business with you guys.

J. from OK, 2017 


One of the most secure ways to order your medical desires and relaxation goodies, Dank Nation Dispensary has always been there for me. Ordering through this site is a guarantee HIGH five… out of five stars. Not only is the customer service incredible at DND, but so are their products. I continue to find myself at ease every time I order through this reliable, safe, site because every time I indulge in my goodies I know it is a natural and organic medicinal marijuana that I’ve purchased. So thank you DND for providing this as a reliable source for people to order a natural, organic, delightful, and pleasant experience with smoking weed

R. from IN, 2017


Excellent product and service.  I have used a few similar services with “shaky” results.  DND knows their medicine, and what it’s worth.  Thank you and keep up the good works!

S. from OK, 2017


Dank Nation Dispensary is always reliable and well worth it!  Your order arrives quickly, sometimes a day sooner than the expected date and the contents are fresh and packaged with care.  I was really impressed with the entire process: from ordering online to how quickly it was delivered. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

A. from NY, 2017


So tried your “Z weed” I appreciated the humor of it. Haha whatever that weed is A++++ and so on! You guys ROCK

M. from FL, 2017


Hey just wanted to thank you for the online order. I’ve been scammed by a different online group before, but after my buddy at work recommended you I tried your 1gm sample. WOW!

Arrived on time

Your flower!

Nugs smelled strong and smoked so pure & beautiful

C. from GA, 2017


I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about ordering online from a dispensary, but it was the best decision I made. The RSO pills they sent me were exactly as advertised, and they weren’t kidding about their THC percentage!

Thx again

M. from IL, 2017


I absolutely loved your guy’s Chernobyl Triple Threat Joints! Between me and my boyfriend we would take 2 hits each, and get the perfect amount to take that edge off lasting most the day. On top of that the instructions you guys gave me in my package helped make my joints last even longer I couldn’t believe it! I think it took us over 3 weeks to finish one joint. Forever me and my boyfriend are your loyal customers, thanks so much.

G. from NY, 2017



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