THC Pill: 1 Available Single


Want to try the product first, before you buy in bulk?

Dank Nation Dispensary understand the value in “trying one first,” then going back for your bigger order to save the extra $.

1 THC Pill, shipping included.Write what strain you want during check out under “Order Notes.”

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Rick Simpson Oil (phoenix tears) in a powerful THC Pill! Proven to help and heal medical patients. Made with flower not shake, for stronger more intense effects. Our tested THC levels range between 70-80% depending on the strain, and comes strain specific. Product is discrete, similar look to someone taking their daily vitamins.

Wait 1-2.5 hours to start feeling effects. The high come-on is smooth and slow. Even after you are feeling it, you will continue to reach your peak as you go. THC Pills can last anywhere from 2hr-8hrs depending on the individual.

  • Made with 100% Grain Alcohol
  • Capsule Size 4 (1/2 inch long)
  • Contains some coconut

Ambassador Dankman has also added a few suggestions for each THC Pill based off of medical and recreation usages. Day/Night recommendations are marked for strains that can be used at anytime, depending on how advanced the user.

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